Your donation helps cover the costs of the Boys Tennis Team expenses such as team apparel, coaching, equipment and competition travel.

Team Coach: JD Owens [email protected]
Team Boosters President: Mike Neurauter [email protected]
Team Boosters Vice President: Jacqui Rosencrans [email protected]
Team Boosters Treasurer: Sheela Voleti [email protected]
Newport Harbor Athletic Foundation contact: Rene’ Baldwin [email protected]

We’ve teamed up with Support Newport Mesa, a community donation portal, to take advantage of the qualifying tax benefits of a 501c(3) nonprofit organization with 100% of your donation going to NHHS Boys Tennis.

100% goes to the NHHS Boys Tennis Team
100% goes to the NHHS Boys Tennis Team
Helps cover credit card fees, support for this site and other Support Newport Mesa programs (and very much appreciated!)